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  • Here at Titan we know how fast current trends and technologies go out of date before they hit your door step it seems. Thats why we strive each week to bring you the most current topics, styles and trends in the Kitchen and Bath world.

    Are You a Real Estate Investor or Owner? Why Not Be Both?

      If you've ever sold a home, chances are good you've made the all-too-common mistake that millions of homeowners make - you put up with a crummy kitchen, outdated bathroom or dingy basement for years, but once it was time to sell, it was all hands on deck. You scrubbed, scoured and cleaned like ....

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    Contractor Hiring Checklist

    Sprucing up your home with a kitchen bathroom remodel, or looking to finally add an extra room to clear up some of the clutter? Sounds like a job for a professional, licensed and experienced contractor. It shouldn't be that hard to find one because they seem to spring up like mushrooms, ....

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    Tips For Spring Cleaning and organizing via shelves and cabinets

    Your Crystal Light has long since gone rogue and has not been seen in months. Indeed, you suspect that it is hiding out amongst the canned goods, but your last recovery effort nearly cost you a finger in the resulting Chef Boyardee avalanche. With spring in the process of springing however, you are ....

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